Ultrarunning for Normal People


    Ultrarunning for Normal People

    by Sid Garza-Hillman

    Life Lessons Learned On and Off the Trail

    Ultra-races—distances longer than 26.2 miles—aren’t for “normal people.” Normal people have jobs, families, or a million other obligations that do not exist in the world of ultrarunning. Or that’s what Sid Garza-Hillman thought as he faced the starting line of his first 50K. But the more he learned about the sport, the more he realized that ultrarunning is for more than elite athletes: moms, dads, grandparents, young people, old people, people with full-time jobs, and others successfully cross the finish lines of ultra-races around the world every year. In this book, Sid distills the life lessons he’s learned from the trails—as a ten-time ultramarathoner and Race Director of the Mendocino Coast 50K—to teach you how to:

    • Move through the fear and mental blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals—on and off the trail
    • Slow down and be present in a world full of endless distractions
    • Test your mettle and prove you’re stronger than you ever knew
    • Commit to a well-rounded—but realistic and adaptable—training plan Not your typical ultramarathon training guide with rigid schedules and prescribed workouts, this book powerfully outlines the invaluable struggles, benefits, and life lessons that await anyone who dares to dive into the world of ultrarunning.

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