The Busy Person’s Meal Planner


    The Busy Person’s Meal Planner: A Beginners Guide to Healthy Meal Planning with 40+ Recipes and a 52-Week Meal Planner Notepad

    Written by Laura Ligos

    Healthy meal planning is made easy in this beginner-friendly guide that teaches you how to shop smartly and plan your weekly meals with confidence—all while enjoying food you actually want to eat.
    With 40+ recipes that can be modified for all diets, the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options in this book feature easy-to-find ingredients and most can be made in 30 minutes. And to make the process even easier, the book provides you with easy-to-reference cheat sheets and a 52-week meal planner and grocery list notepad that you can take with you to the supermarket. Written by “The Sassy Dietitian” Laura Ligos, The Busy Person’s Meal Planner is a guide to weekly meal planning for working professionals and families who don’t have a lot of free time and need help learning how to get healthy and delicious meals on the table each week. Realistic rather than idealistic, licensed dietitian Ligos gives you expert advice on stocking your pantry, shopping what’s in season and on sale, and planning meals that are nutritious, satisfying, and filling.
    The Busy Person’s Meal Planner features:
    • Meal Planning 101: 5-step guide to planning your weekly meals
    • Focus on Quality: How to buy what’s in season and healthiest in stores
    • Figure out Quantity:How to manage portion control
    • Stocking Your Kitchen: Recommended tools and pantry staples
    • Pro Tips: Proven advice shared from author’s clients
    • Cheat Sheets: Reference guides for storing fresh fruits and veggies, freezing leftovers, and avoiding waste
    • 40 Easy Recipes: Overnight Oats; BYO Burrito Bowls; Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken; Salads That Don’t Suck
    • 40 Easy Recipes: Overnight Oats; BYO Burrito Bowls; Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken; Salads That Don’t Suck
    • 52-Week Meal Planner and Grocery List Pad: Write out your meals on this stylish notepad and take your shopping list to the store

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