Beautifully Organized at Work


    Beautifully Organized at Work: Bring Order and Joy to Your Work Life So You Can Stay Calm, Relieve Stress, and Get More Done Each Day

    by Nikki Boyd

    Bring peace and joy into your workspace as you learn how to declutter your office and mind and create a stress-free work environment.
    Clutter and mess can distract you, stress you out, and get in the way of efficiently getting work done. That’s why Beautifully Organized at Work was created to give you practical tips and tools for how to mindfully transform your workspace and get organized so you can feel better about your work and be better set up for success.
    YouTube star and professional organizer Nikki Boyd, author of the bestselling book Beautifully Organized, brings her expert skills to this book.
    Beautifully Organized at Workincludes:
    • Everything you need to know about decluttering your desk and organizing files–both in your physical and digital space
    • Valuable advice on how to plan your work days so you can have a well-balanced and productive week
    • How to select the desk, chair, and lighting that are ideal for your needs
    • Information tailored for cubicle, co-working spaces, working from home, and more
    • Tips on how to get your coworkers involved in creating a beautifully organized breakroom, conference room, and lobby


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