Two O’Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain


    Two O’Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain

    A Search for an Unconventional Life Abroad

    Helene Sula (@heleneinbetween) always knew she wanted to pursue something a little different from a “normal life”—not an outright rejection of the conventional path many of her peers embraced but one that empowered her to experience other cultures and corners of the globe. To lead a stable life and travel the world. To seek adventure and still be happily married. Helene’s story proves that a life of travel doesn’t have to be the antithesis of stability; rather it can be an integral part of a vibrant, satisfying existence.

    In her debut memoir, Helene shares the measured steps she took to pursue her dreams of becoming an international travel blogger. Through her honest and straightforward writing style, Helene conveys her story of self-discovery and encourages readers to take risks and pursue their own passions. This book will resonate with anyone who has ever felt stuck in a mundane career or routine and wants a fresh start without completely starting over. Even—or perhaps especially—for someone who fears change, the secret lies in taking the plunge.

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