Puppy Love


    Puppy Love: A Keepsake Memory Book To Document Your Dog’s Most Adorable Moments

    Preserve your favorite memories with your four-legged friend in this fun dog keepsake journal! 
    This playful spin on a traditional baby book provides your family with plenty of space to record your pup’s special moments. Document your dog’s first days at home and then keep track of their growth and milestones over the years using this adorable book’s writing prompts and journaling pages. Plus plenty of space for all your favorite pup-a-razzi photos! The perfect gift for new pup parents and family and friends of dog lovers.
    Sections include:
    • Before the First Bark: What was life even like before you?
    • Love at First Lick: All about the day we met
    • Best Dog Ever: Everything there is to know about you
    • Bone Sweet Bone: Adjusting to life in your new home
    • Barking Up the Family Tree: Your human and four-legged fam
    • Look at the Size of Those Paws!: A height/weight growth chart
    • Your Pawsinality: Discovering all your cute qualities and quirks
    • Chewing Chronicles: All my attempts to train you
    • Tail Waggers: Our adventures together
    • The Bark Side: Your mischief and mayhem
    • Hot Dog: Your greatest achievements
    • Quite Fetching: Compliments people give you
    • Howlidays: Birthdays, Halloween costumes, and other celebrations
    • Together Fur-Ever: How you’ve changed my life

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