Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol. 2


    Animal Amigurumi Adventures Vol. 2

    By Lauren Espy
    15 New Crochet Patterns to Create Adorable Amigurumi Critters

    Discover easy-to-follow crochet patterns for 15 new amigurumi animals with this second volume in Lauren Espy’s Animal Amigurumi Adventures series

    In Volume 2 of her beloved Animal Amigurumi Adventures series, bestselling author Lauren Espy provides even more easy-to-follow patterns for creating cute amigurumi critters (crocheted stuffed toys). Detailed, step-by-step photos, alongside images of the full animal, will help you crochet creations as cute as what you see on the page.

    Animal Amigurumi Adventures: Volume 2  features:

    • User-Friendly Instructions and Tools Needed: Easy-to-follow patterns and basic tools (standard hook and common worsted weight yarn) to get started
    • Step-by-Step Reference Photos: Detailed photographs of each step, as well as the finished product, to help guide you along with confidence
    • Perfect Size: Each animal averages 7-10 inches in size, making them ideal to display or play with

    New patterns include:

    • Safari Animals like a giraffe, hippo, elephant, lion, and zebra
    • Arctic Animals like a penguin, polar bear, walrus, beluga whale, and seal pup
    • Pets like a dog, cat, chameleon, cockatiel, and guinea pig

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