Sketch Your Art Out


    Sketch Your Art Out: A Skill and Style Guide

    by Katy Lipscomb & Tyler Fisher

    To peek into the sketchbook of an artist is a rare treat. Seeing the bones, the build, and the body of work behind some of your favorite works is akin to seeing how a magician creates an illusion–the mirrors behind the magic. Among the many skills of an artist–whether a painter, designer, or illustrator–none is more basic and yet essential than sketching. To know how to translate your vision to the page allows for flashes of inspiration to build and become tangible creative expressions. Art books tend to exist on a spectrum between “picture books” and formulaic “how to draw” books with step-by-step tutorials or full diagnostics of art theory. Learning to draw, paint, and sketch is in fact a fluid and dynamic process that pulls from both ends of the spectrum. If you examine any artist’s sketchbook, you will likely find a mix of technical explorations, loose drawings, and even jotted notes. In this book, readers become participants actively involved in the creative process. With a carefully developed process and style, we use the format of a sketchbook to teach basic principles with friendly and accessible hands-on drawing activities and broken-down illustrations. Each page reflects the style of artist Katy Lipscomb’s sketchbook that showcase a master’s expert hand along with accompanying teaching moments from Tyler Fisher that invite the reader to participate. Simple thematic elements through this sketchbook create a continuity of style and subject matter as the fundamental mediums of graphite, pen, and colored pencil are explored, with activities that encourage collaboration and create opportunities to experiment with techniques.


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