The Happy Hormone Tracker


    The Happy Hormone Tracker: A Wellness Journal for Monthly Cycle Tracking and Hormone Balance for Women

    by Shannon Leparski

    Track your hormonal patterns and get to know your menstrual cycle in a more intimate way using this stylish and functional personal wellness planner for women.
    This first-of-its-kind 90-day hormone tracker journal gives women the guidance and space they need to track their monthly cycles and monitor how diet, exercise, moods, sleep, supplements, and more impact their hormonal fluctuations. On a basic level, natural hormone tracking is incredibly helpful for knowing when your period will come and end, when you should use protection or avoid sex to prevent pregnancy, and for gaining a fundamental connection to your flow. And if you’re trying to conceive, it’s essential for fertility tracking and fertility health. On a deeper level, tracking can strengthen your body awareness (physically and emotionally) and connection to nature. After 90 days of tracking, you’ll have a strong foundational knowledge of your personal cycle patterns and how your hormones affect your mood, motivation levels, cravings, and more.

    The Happy Hormone Tracker includes: 

    • Health primer explaining the four phases of a woman’s cycle and what to expect during those times of the month
    • 90 days of daily tracker pages for monitoring ovulation, overall mood, digestion, hours slept, food cravings, stress level, exercise, motivation level, and more.
    • Weekly reflections for keeping track of personal habits, self-care, and more.
    • Food charts to help you know the best foods to eat for each phase of the month
    • And other tips from Shannon Leparski, author of the 2019 bestselling book The Happy Hormone Guide



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