Quilt Your Own Adventure


    Quilt Your Own Adventure: Modern Quilt Blocks and Layouts to Help You Design Your Own Quilt With Confidence

    By Amanda Carye
    A choose-your-own-style quilt book featuring 30 quilt blocks, 7 quilt top layout formulas, and all the math done for you so you can focus on creating your own design!
    In this design-it-yourself quilt book, the quilter is in the driver’s seat, empowering you to decide what size, layout, and combinations of blocks you want to use to create your own one-of-a-kind quilt. Unlike a traditional book of quilt patterns, this book does not prescribe a design. Instead, Quilt Your Own Adventure gives you a range of block options that all work together so that you can pick and choose and mix and match those blocks to create your own unique design. The book encourages and supports you, the quilter, as you explore designing your own pattern, providing all the tedious legwork (a.k.a. the math) so that you can focus on creating a final design that is all your own. In addition there will also be a suite of pre-designed patterns as inspiration for anyone who prefers a little extra structure to start.
    Quilt Your Own Adventure includes:
    • 30 modern quilt block designs
    • 7 quilt top layout formulas
    • 7 patterns that you can follow or use to help inspire your own design
    • Additional guidance on how to resize blocks
    • Instructions that are easy to follow for beginners and advanced beginners

    Whether you’re a beginning quilter or an experienced maker looking for a fun, new challenge, Quilt Your Own Adventure will give you the confidence to create beautiful, modern quilts that are uniquely your own.

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